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From farmyard to fork: the tale of our chickens

Why are chickens from Poule & Poulette so tender and juicy? Easy: we keep everything in-house to retain maximum control and bring you the tastiest dishes of all!

Phase 1
Eggs at the farm
At Poule & Poulette, we care about the health of our chickens, even before they are born. All eggs are laid at the farm where the chicks also grow up, allowing us to retain perfect control of the quality. After all, the best eggs become the best chickens.

Phase 2
A healthy day and night routine
From the moment they are born, the chicks at Poule & Poulette receive lots of daylight in their stalls. In this way, they develop a day and night routine, just like our own. This is unique in Belgium and guarantees that their meat will be tender and juicy. They also run free in the barn and have plenty of room and straw in which to scratch.

Phase 3
Know what you (and your chickens) are eating
Poule & Poulette chickens are fed on a healthy, high-quality mix of grains, vitamins, and minerals. And you can taste the difference!

Phase 4
Ultra-short transport to the restaurant
All Poule & Poulette chickens are from the Gottem area near Deinze, a region packed with tradition and the birthplace of Belgian poultry farming. This minimises the transport of chickens to the abattoir and on to the restaurant.

Phase 5
Daily fresh authenticity on your plate
Every day, the chickens are delivered fresh from the abattoir to Poule & Poulette restaurants and stores. They are never frozen or given additional treatment: just nice and natural! All dishes are prepared fresh each day and contain 0% additives, stabilisers, or flavour enhancers for 100% flavour.