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Privacy Statement

This privacy provides all the necessary information relating data collection on the Smeets website that are executed on behalf of Poule & Poulette. We explain here how your information is registered, processed and used on our website and who you can contact if you have any questions.
This version was most recently revised on 10 oktober 2018. Responsible for data processing As body responsible, Etn. Poule & Poulette is available via the following contact details:

Post: Halfstraat 5, 2630 Aartselaar 
BTW-nummer: BE0839388906

2. Which information do we collect?

. To serve our clients as well as possible, we collect the following personal information on our website:
- Your IP address(es) when you visit our website
- Your name and e-mail address when you enter them to our contact form or when registering for the newsletter. You have the option in every newsletter to unsubscribe easily and for free.
- Details about your activity on our website
- Your location data
- The internet browser and the device type you are using to access our website

3. Why do we collect your information?

On the one hand, we collect data on your activity on our website, your location details and browser and device type to optimise our website and so it is easy to access. We do this by using cookies (more about this in Section 5). On the other hand, when you contact us, or register for our newsletter, we retain your name and e-mail address so we can contact you if necessary.

We want to keep you up to date as we sometimes use remarketing. This is a process by which we bring our website back to the attention of internet users have visited our site previously. If you do not agree with this, than you may change this during a visit to our site via the following link:

4. What is the legal basis we use for processing your data?

We process your data on the basis of two legal foundations:
- We ask permission of the party concerned to process his or her information.
- We process the information of the party concerned to prepare or execute a contract or service.

5. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed by your browser. They contain information, such as a visitor’s language preference, so that he or she does not have to re-enter the information again when visiting the website at a later date. Some cookies ensure that a website is properly displayed in graphic terms, and that a website application works correctly.
If you want to block your cookies, you can do this via your browser settings. Bare in mind that certain graphical elements might not appear properly, or that certain applications cannot be used if you deactivate cookies. The Smeets website uses the following cookies:
- Functional cookies: they facilitate and personalise your website visit and your user experience.
- Analytical cookies (of third parties): they collect information to evaluate and improve the content of our website (e.g. Google Analytics cookies). These cookies collect information about your computer and your visit to our website, such as our IP address, the pages you view, the browser you use, the websites you visited previously, geographical data such as your location, your language preference and the time and duration of your visit.

6. Who has access to your information?

Poule & Poulette engages third parties to execute certain (processing) activities, such as hosting the website. We enter a processing agreement with the third party to ensure they deal with your data with the same level of security and confidentiality as we do. If data is damaged or lost due to an error,  Poule & Poulette cannot be held liable. However, we take every possible effort in cooperation with this third party to solve any errors as quickly as possible. Personal information is not shared with third parties, unless required by law or a court order. All details are processed within the EU.

7. How is your personal information secured?

Poule & Poulette takes every effort to keep your data as secure as possible. We do this using HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, abbreviated as HTTPS. This is an extension to the HTTP protocol for the purpose of securely exchanging data. Furthermore, we promise not to change or delete your data unless you ask us to do so (more about this in Section 9). We make regular back-ups of the data to ensure they are not lost.

8. How long is your information stored?

Poule & Poulette stores your personal information for no longer than is strictly necessary to realise the objectives for which the data was collected.

9. Your rights

You may as user call upon a number of rights.

1. Right of inspection/access
Every user has the right to request access to his or her information and inspect it. He or she may also inspect how his or her information is processed.

2. Right to redress
The user has the right after inspection to change, supplement or delete personal information.

3. Right to be forgotten
The user has the right to be completely removed from all systems and databases.

4. Right to submit an objection
The user has the right to submit a complaint to the Privacy Committee if he or she thinks that the personal information is being illegally collected and processed.

5. Right to withdraw permission
Each user or visitor whose personal data is collected has the right to resist the processing of this information.

6. Right to limit processing
The person concerned has the right to (temporarily) limit the processing of his or her personal information.

7. Right to transferability
The person concerned has the right to transfer personal information to another responsible party.

8. Right to resist decisions based on automated processing
The user has the right to to deactivate automated profiling.
If you experience nuisance on any of these matters, then contact Poule & Poulette Poule & Poulette cannot process your request without proof of identity.