You love the taste of chicken, but you prefer a vegetarian or vegan alternative?  No worries, we got you! Together with The Vegetarian Butcher and QINTI, we transformed no less than ten of our dishes into the most delicious vegetarian or vegan versions! We’ve listed them here for you! See you soon?

  • quinoa balls (veggie)
  • nacho’s & guacamole (veggie)
  •  grilled wrap with spicy stuffing and cheese (veggie)
  • vol-au-vegan
  • P&P burger with quinoa balls (veggie)
  • vegan Cocotte Poulette (vegan)
  • poké bowl with quinoa balls (veggie)
  • taco’s pulled “just like chicken” (veggie)
  • caesar salad with quinoa balls (veggie)
  • thaï salad with quinoa balls, cashew nuts and ginger (veggie)

Try the new vegan dishes on our menu

Guess what happens when Poule & Poulette teams up with the Vegetarian Butcher? You get two mouth-watering plant-based dishes. And the best bit: they’re 100% vegan, chicken-tasting, and utterly delicious. Tempted? Come and try them for yourself.

Vol-au-vegan or vegan waterzooi?

  • Fancy a gourmet delight? Try our vol-au-vegan with the “Poulettekes” from The Vegetarian Butcher and a creamy sauce in a puff pastry shell, served with fries?
  • Or do you prefer comfort cuisine? Our vegan Cocotte Poulette with bread might be the dish for you. A plant-based reimagining of the beloved “Gentse waterzooi”, a classical Flemish stew made with finely chopped leeks, celery, carrots, and the “Poulettekes” from The Vegetarian Butcher, all in a creamy broth.

Come and take your pick from this egg-stravaganza!

Vegan and chicken, a paradox or a possible duo?

Definitely possible. At Poule & Poulette, we play the role of a nurturing mother hen, we always ensure that our chicken comes from fair Belgian farms where they are well cared for, day in and day out. Now, with The Vegetarian Butcher, we’re extending our commitment to our planet. By serving up beloved Belgian culinary classics with a plant-based twist, we want to guide all you chicken-lovers on a mouth-watering journey of discovery of new variations!

About The Vegetarian Butcher

Imagine a traditional butcher of the past, with a modern “meat” counter. That’s The Vegetarian Butcher for you, serving “meat” that doesn’t ask you to compromise. It’s as tasty as the original, but made only with vegetarian ingredients.

The Vegetarian Butcher has a mission: to unleash the largest food revolution of all time. A shift towards more plant-based food. A movement that brings enormous benefits to the environment, global food supply, and animal welfare.

This ambition is brought to life through their high-quality vegetarian & vegan meat alternatives. From Saucissekes to Poulettekes, Nuggettekes to Specks’kes, these all deliver a taste and texture strikingly similar to their animal-based originals, while being 100% plant-based.