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The story of Poule & Poulette

Poultry farmer & pioneer

To bring the good old chicken stall back up to date, with a tasteful, post-modern look & feel. That’s the mission at Poule & Poulette.

Who better to successfully hatch such plans than the company’s founders, with their diverse backgrounds in the hospitality industry, speciality food stores, and interior design? And, as sure as eggs are eggs, their dreams have come true: in 2012, they opened their first shop in Brasschaat and, in 2014, their first restaurant in Antwerp (Sint-Jansvliet).

Traditional slow food
Our chickens roast for a whole hour and a half on the spit at the low temperature of 150°C. No preservatives, flavour enhancers, or stabilisers are added and they are always fresh each day. Result: juicy chicken that’s full of flavour.
From farmyard to fork
Poule & Poulette watches over the entire food chain like a mother hen. From the raising of laying hens for eggs to the transporting of chickens to the kitchen. This means you will always enjoy traditionally prepared, healthy, and farm-fresh chicken on your plate!
Chic(k) restaurant design
Our restaurant interiors are as honest and down-to-earth as our dishes themselves. Nothing is added that shouldn’t be. Our cosy seating arrangement with raised tables is even patented!
100% Belgian products
Our chickens can be traced all the way from the egg to your plate. And they all come from just one unique farm in Belgium. All chickens are from the Gottem region near Deinze. What about our side dishes? We prepare these in our ultra-modern atelier in Aartselaar.
Today Poule & Poulette has no less than four restaurants, each one of them located on the coolest square in town! We are located on the Korenmarkt in Ghent, Sint-Jansvliet in Antwerp, right on Place Jourdan in Etterbeek and centrally located in Mechelen.

This spring Poule & Poulette will open its fifth restaurant in Leuven, the well-known university town. we can't wait to meet you there!